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mandi rowe photography texas


I'm a photographer. I love to snap, just when you aren't looking!  I love to capture moments in the raw. Since I was little I had a passion for Photography & now I am fulfilling that dream thanks to my clients that make that possible.  I turned that passion into a  business in 2009 when my daughter was little. I thought to myself, I always have a camera in my hand why not take that a step further!!

More about me

I reside in Mansfield, TX, where I am married to THE.LOVE.OF.MY.LIFE Daniel, who also happens to be my best friend and biggest supporter of all my dreams. We have three beautiful living children: Madison, Gianna & Trenton. Plus, our beautiful daughter we recently lost in 2021, Molly.


My primary focus on Photography is:  Weddings, Newborns, Graduating Seniors, and Family Portraits, Branding & backdrops.


I am mainly on location with my clients.  From time to time, you will find me in front of my backdrops staging those candid moments for newborns in my studio.

newborn photography texas
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